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Containerised Data Centres

Prefabricated, Mobile Data Centre or Containerised Data Centre, Server Rooms – Deploy in a Fraction of the time – when compared to Traditional Data Centre Builds

DC Access builds Containerized Data Centres to customer needs which are based on our standard, well thought out specifications, developed from experience and expertise. These range from two Rack configurations to hundreds of Rack configurations. Delivered in Shipping Containers, which can be transported literally anywhere in the world, with everything included: Racks, Power Distribution, UPS, Cooling, Environmental Monitoring, VESDS, Fire Suppression, Data Cabling etc. All this with an extremally good PUE. (Power Usage Effectiveness)

Our aim is to assist our customers in becoming more efficient and productive with a wide range of Data Centre Infrastructure Solution to fit their needs.

Why Choose a Containerized Data Centre?

When Space is limited within the walls of the corporate office or when real estate comes at a premium purchase price, the Data Centre can be placed in the car park or in the basement. Some Data Centres have become too small and users are not ready to move to the Cloud.  When the deployment is temporary and will need to be relocated after a period. Some situation arise when the size of the Data Center can’t be determined. In this case, Containers can be bayed together to allow growth as needed. 

Disaster Recovery sites. Deployments in mining operations are very common. Shipments into Africa are increasing since local resources and expertise are limited. Containerized Data Centres, UPS Back-up Power Plants and even Generators are built in our assembly plant and fully tested before shipment (FAT). Onsite preparation is minimal, only requiring a base or plinth to be constructed. Once deployed, it’s a matter of plugging in Power and Data Communication cables. In some cases, a water feed is also required for humidification purposes.

Easy-to-deploy, prefabricated IT infrastructure packaged within a secure, weather proof, fire-rated, shipping container for remote or special applications…

Our Portfolio

Take a look into our detailed designs….

16kW 4 racks
50kW 12 racks
120kW 14 racks

Fig 1. Mobile Data Center

In this design, the Racks are built on Rails, allowing them to slide back and forth. If Data Centre staff need to access the back of the Rack, it is unlocked and moved forward, giving enough space for work to be done.

All Cables entering the Racks are mounted on flexible Cable Trays, giving the Racks freedom to move.

Fig 1. Mobile Data Center – 12m ISO Marine Container – 60kW (Double Click on the Drawing to Enlarge)
Fig 2. Three ISO Marine Containers Bayed Together to give 86 Square Meters of White Space. (double click to enlarge)

In figure 2, the Data Centre White Space

In figure 2, the Data Centre White Space has been created by using three 12m ISO Marine Containers that have been bayed together. In addition to the 30 Racks, there is also space for a Network Operations Center or NOC, a separate Battery Room and an Inter-Lock for Air Blocking.

This DCAccess Data Centre is extremally energy efficient which is achieved through the use of InRow cooling units and Hot Aisle containment.

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