DCIM & Asset Management

Assetspire’s highly configurable Spire™ asset management platform enables fast and accurate capture of any data centre asset. Spire™ is intelligently engineered to ensure data is captured and maintained quickly and accurately, serving as a central data management solution across DCIM, CAFM and CMDB environments.


Spire™ is:

  • Completely adaptable to your asset needs.
  • Built for best user experience.
  • Mobile optimized with an intuitive app for live reporting.
  • Wherever and whenever you need it – install onto multiple devices.
  • A truly cost-effective solution – register unlimited assets.

Our Best Features

Hosted in our public or private cloud, or installed on site, the Spire™ platform has the flexibility for all your business requirements. Developed with complete data accuracy and ease of use in mind, the Spire™ platform enables fast, meticulous intelligence collection with simplified change management to ensure and maintain reliability.

Completely Adaptable

Spire™ allows you to customize your asset tracking for all assets, with ease…

Built With Best Ux

We designed Spire™ with “Amazon-like” ease of use, to enable any user to keep up with the flow of assets.

Mobile Optimized

Spire™ can be installed onto any number of mobile devices, enabling you to carry your asset data with you and review it from anywhere.

Take Spire™ Anywhere

Spire™ can be installed onto any number of mobile devices, enabling you to carry your asset data with you and review it form anywhere.

EkkoSoft Critical

Defining sustainable optimization for critical infrastructure. Integrating fast data gathering, machine learning analytics and first principle thermal expertise within a unique VR interface presents you with the industry’s most immersive virtual twin of your critical infrastructure.


EkkoSoft Critical

The most intelligent, intuitive and immersive AI driven self-optimization
software tools


Critical Things

Innovative, ultra-low cost sensor hardware and flexible

Reduce cooling energy costs by an average of 30%

Focused cooling performance
recommendations and advisory
actions with our industry first
Cooling Advisor tool

Release up to 60% stranded cooling capacity

Correlate your cooling with
IT workload using advanced

Remove thermal and power risks and avoid costly downtime

100% ASHRAE thermal
compliance and comprehensive
power monitoring prevents
tiny dropouts developing into
big outages

Reduce your carbon footprint on your journey towards net zero

Cutting data center cooling
energy usage with EkkoSense
unlocks immediate carbon
savings to support corporate net
zero programs

Complete operational visibility in real-time

Local and remote granular
insight with any device, at
anytime, from anywhere in
the world.

Achieve an ROI < 12 months

EkkoSense benefits come at a
fraction of the cost of more
expensive and complex legacy
DCIM or CFD solutions, with
an average ROI of less than 12

EkkoSoft Critical 8.0. Data Center ESG Reporting, Enterprise-wide visibility and Power Management.


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