Insight - KVM over IP is still the best way to connect to Servers and other IT Devices in your Server Room / Data Centre / Laboratory​

KVM over IP is still alive – in fact, sales have picked up…

KVM over IP has in the past suffered a huge loss of market share to Service Processors such as HP iLO, Dell DRAC, RSA, ALOM, IPMI etc. A large contributing factor is the trend of Server Manufacturers to bundle the Service Processor with the base price of the Hardware.

However, of late – we see a turnaround.

This has come about because:

  • Advanced Service Processors features require a licence which are standard on KVM-over-IP switches.
  • Service Processors require an additional LAN port for out-of-band access.
  • Difficult to manage 100’s of Service Processors.
  • KVM over IP is more secure that Service Processors.
  • Recent research has highlighted shocking vulnerabilities:
  • Possible to login with no authentication, cleartext passwords, etc.
  • US Department of Homeland Security issued CERT Alert (TA13-207A)
  • KVM over IP offers far better performance – with a seamless user experience.                                                                                                   
  • With each Service Processor requiring an IP address, it becomes difficult to manage, especially in multi-vendor environments.

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Our aim is to assist our customers in becoming more efficient and productive with a wide range of Data Centre Infrastructure Solution to fit their needs.

Although most KVM switches are good enough to handle those traditional needs, many applications utilizing video streaming, audio, and high-resolution graphics, require a KVM-over-IP solution that can deal with high performance demands.

High performance KVM over IP features include:

BIOS-level Access – Virtual Media – Dual Power, Dual LAN, 8 to 64 port switches – 1 to 40 remote concurrent sessions – iPhone/iPad access – Centralized Management –  1920×1200 resolution – 30 Frames Per Second – 24 Bit Colour – Digital Audio – Dual Monitors –  Dual Video Cards – DVI – HDMI – DisplayPort

In a nutshell, KVM over IP reduces travel time, increases productivity, and gives you high performance remote access and control for any application.

  • Powerful tool for remote server management and access.
  • Increased productivity, security, quality, and collaboration.
  • Avoid trips to lab, data centre, and server room.
  • Many use cases and applications across multiple industries.
  • Access all your servers and IT devices from a single IP address.

Integrate Power Control: Check Power Consumption, Power Status, execute a “Hard Reboot” and view the boot-up sequence.

LanAccess, a division of Technology Access Group, has been focusing on Advanced KVM over IP since 2003. Considered experts on this Technology, LanAccess, and DCAccess (the Data Centre Division) can guide you to make the most of your Remote Access requirements. With advanced KVM, accessing your servers will be a dream.

IT professionals love KVM switches because they provide anytime anywhere BIOS-level access, emergency access, and feature “virtual media” for loading software, running diagnostics, or rebooting.

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