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Access Control


TANlock is an individually configurable access control system, which can easily be integrated into existing infrastructures such as server cabinets. They come with a wide range of interchangeable modules.

Physical security for your IT-infrastructure - TANlock

Interchangeable TANlock Modules


The PIN + RFID Modul enables a two-factor-authentification via a Pin-code and RFID.


Authentication via RFID.


Highest security level through recognition of the palm veins using PalmSecure.


Authentication by input on the touch display. Operating parameters such as temperature, humidity, etc. can optionally be displayed.


Possibility of two-factor authentication via fingerprint scan or RFID.

TANlock 3 connected to RJ45

This cable is used for both the web-based communication and the power supply via PoE. Your server cabinet is thus monitored securely and reliably.



Truvision by Carrier is a cost effective CCTV solution for your critical environments such as data centres and high risk facilities.

The TruVision Series 6 line of IP dome cameras leverages the latest H.265 video compression technology to bring state of-the-art, high-definition pictures to the mass video surveillance market. With video resolutions from 2 megapixel to 4K, these IP cameras represent a flexible video surveillance device to meet any need. Equipped with advanced technology and signal processing capability, they effectively capture video under challenging conditions.


Geutebrück is an expert in video management solutions. Our cutting-edge systems support companies in two keyways

Geutebrück is an expert in video management solutions. Our cutting-edge systems support companies in two keyways: In the field of video security systems, our solutions ensure that your company is protected against the damage that could be caused by unauthorised activity. But our products also help you to optimise your internal processes. By means of comprehensive logistics process documentation, you can identify weak points and potential risks. Correcting these issues increases your process efficiency and reduces error costs.


Of all possible objects, how many are present and their movement in video images to control individual follow-up actions.



 Through preventative, targeted and discreet detection of any irregularities in video images, with automatic warnings for staff



Find lost or incorrectly stored goods or clarify any irregularities in the process, as well as documenting the status and quantities of goods and objects.


Of processes on the company site. From controlling entry and exit to managing movements, procedures or logistics process optimization.


Of processes based on video recordings for analysis and evidence in the event of discrepancies in the goods flow or to uncover sabotage attempts.

Environmental Monitoring

Schneider Electric:

APCTM NetBotzTM is designed to protect your IT infrastructure against environmental threats and unauthorized access risks that can cause unexpected downtime.

Why should you consider NetBotz?

  • Easy to deploy and configure.
  • Badged access control.
  • Wide array of intelligent sensors.
  • Enhanced cyber security.
  • 4MP HD camera support with video storage1.
  • Instant, highly customizable user defined alerts.
  • Highly scalable with expansion pods.
  • Remote management with built-in network management.
  • Seamless 3rd party IT infrastructure integration.

NetBotz consists of rack mount  and wall mount appliances designed to provide a wide range of integrated environmental monitoring and surveillance for sensitive equipment.

Sensor pods, POE camera pods, and HID rack access pods connect to appliances via USB or Cat-5 cabling.

Sensors include wireless & wired temperature and humidity, smoke, vibration, and fluid detection.

Rack Access Control tailored to Data Center and Edge environments provide permission based entry and audit trail.

SNMP Device Discovery Private side SNMP discovery of Schneider Electric devices (UPS, PDU, In-Row, etc)

Vertiv Solution:

The RDUS501 is a premium infrastructure gateway ae appliance equipped with out-of-band access to service processors as well as serial console management capabilities.

RDU5O1 features:

  • Out of band service process access.
  • Serial Console management.
  • Environmental monitoring with emails & SMS notifications.
  • Infrastructure monitoring such as power, cooling unit and generators.
  • Built in server interface.  

Enterprise KVM & Serial Over IP

Raritan Knows KVM

Raritan is a proven technology innovator with a 30+ year history of KVM, serial and remote access solutions. Our five generations of products are in operation in 50,000 locations worldwide. Leverage our technology, expertise and support for your KVM and remote access needs.


Dominion® KX-III

Enterprise IP Switch

High performance KVM-over-IP switches for data centers, labs and server rooms. A single switch can connect to 8, 16, 32, or 64 multi-platform servers and serial devices.

Command Center® (CC-SG)

Centralized Server Management

All-in-one hardware or virtual appliances that consolidate access to PCs, physical servers, virtual servers, KVM switches, and serial console servers.

Dominion® SX-II

Serial-Over-IP Console Server

Serial-over-IP access and control of serial devices — anytime, anywhere. The SX-II is the most powerful, secure, reliable, and easy-to-use console server on the market.


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