Giving Back

Charity sees the need, not the Cause

Project Background

Glenn Holmes - CEO

"TechAccess started working with Excellousgroup in 2021 where a robust Socio-Economic Development Grant Program was implemented that enabled us to start creating a strategic relationship with an NPO for strategic giving, that’s close to our heart as a corporate. Great Poroza was chosen because of the fantastic work that they do in communities, by driving social change and impact through ICT learning. For TechAccess, this was something that tied into the value system of our organisation, in developing core IT skills for youth in underserved communities."

Executive summary

The following report highlights the impact achieved by Great Poroza NPO through their Community Robotics and Coding STEM Education Expo, held in the Northern Cape – Kuruman. The Expo was a two day event that aimed to provide valuable academic and skill-building opportunities for 1,700 school learners from rural high schools. This report analyzes the outcomes of the event, including increased access to STEM education, enhanced technological literacy, and improved career prospects for the participants

The Expo successfully reached its target audience, with 1,700 school learners from rural high schools in Kuruman – attending the event.

Great Poroza NPO’s Community Robotics and Coding STEM Education Expo aimed to achieve the following objectives:
  • Promote access to quality STEM education for rural high school learners.
  • Increase technological literacy among participants.
  • Inspire and encourage learners to pursue careers in STEM fields.
  • Foster collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking through hands-on robotics and coding activities.


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