Networking Solutions

Switching and Wi-Fi

We provide high-performance, secure enterprise wireless LAN solutions with support for WiFi 6; ideal for supporting hybrid workplaces, IoT, and rising user expectations. And all of this comes without compromising security, reliability, or performance.

Solutions include:

  • Indoor and outdoor wireless access points for campus or corporate environments
  • Gateways and controllers for high-performance network access, security, and resiliency

Network Design & Auditing

Your company’s computer network is made up of interconnected equipment (routers, wiring, power supply, etc.) that ensures working tools operate smoothly. When well thought out, this structure can help achieve optimum performance. An inappropriately designed structure will quickly show its weaknesses. Our specialists can analyze your existing network architecture and formulate recommendations as part of an audit. We can also build a secure, reliable networks incorporating the latest copper and fibre optic solutions. We can help design and manage bespoke customs solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements.


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