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The AFL Senko Connector:
Transforming Data Centres and Adapting to Existing Infrastructures

As data centres strive to keep up with the increasing demand for faster and more reliable connectivity, the AFL Senko connector emerges as a game-changer that not only revolutionises data centres but also seamlessly integrates with existing installations. In this blog, we will explore the impact of the AFL Senko connector on data centres, taking into consideration its compatibility with current infrastructures.

Unveiling the AFL Senko Connector

The AFL Senko connector stands out as a state-of-the-art fiber optic connector, highly regarded for its exceptional performance, reliability, and ease of use. Unlike its counterparts, the AFL Senko connector is designed to accommodate a wide range of data centre configurations, making it an ideal solution for both new and existing installations.

Compatibility and Seamless Integration

One of the key aspects that sets the AFL Senko connector apart is its compatibility with current installations. It can be seamlessly integrated into various setups, ensuring a smooth transition without requiring significant infrastructure modifications or expensive equipment replacements. This compatibility factor allows data centres to upgrade their connectivity infrastructure at a reduced cost and with minimal disruptions to ongoing operations. This means installed fibre trunks in the data centres do not have to be removed, only the chassis and cassettes need to be upgraded.

Enhancing Data Transmission Speed and Reliability

Data centres are under constant pressure to provide faster and more reliable data transmission. The AFL Senko connector plays a pivotal role in meeting these demands. With its superior design and advanced fiber optic coupling technology, it enables high-speed data flow with minimal signal loss, ensuring seamless connectivity and improved network performance. By incorporating the AFL Senko connector into existing installations, data centres can enhance their data transmission capabilities without a complete overhaul of their infrastructure.

Maximizing Space Utilization

The AFL Senko connector’s compact design and high-density capabilities are particularly advantageous for data centres with limited space. In crowded server rooms, efficient cable management and space utilization are paramount. The AFL Senko connector’s multi-fiber connectors reduce cable clutter, enabling more connections within the same physical space. This maximizes space utilization, allows for easier maintenance, and ensures scalability without compromising on performance.

The SN connector is a new, duplex optical fibre connector that uses LC-style 1.25mm O.D. Zirconia ferrules, designed for the next generation Hyperscale, Edge, Enterprise, or Co-location DCI. The SN connector provides superior optical performance while reducing the typical number of connection points in the optical path. The SN connector was designed to provide individual and independent duplex fibre breakout at a quad-style transceiver (QSFP, QSFP-DD & OSFP) that is more efficient, reliable, and scalable than the MPO connector. The SFP-DD has also adopted the SN as their independent duo-style interface, mainly for the wireless front haul application.

Beyond transceiver interfaces, SN increases and improves the fibre density and capacity for the existing fibre optic cassettes and patch panels. Compared to the LC connector, SN provides 3 times higher density. This will further support the implementation of more fibers without adding new rack units, which can be used in multiple applications, not only DCI, but in telecom, wireless, and MSO as well.

Future-Proofing Data Centre Operations

Data centres must always plan for future growth and adapt to emerging technologies. The AFL Senko connector provides data centres with a future-proof solution by supporting evolving requirements and higher data demands. Its seamless integration into existing installations enables data centres to keep pace with technology advancements without disrupting their current operations. This scalability and adaptability ensure that data centres are well-positioned to meet the needs of businesses and consumers both now and in the future.


As data centres face the challenge of meeting increasing connectivity demands, the AFL Senko connector offers a transformative solution. Its compatibility with current infrastructures allows for seamless integration, reducing costs and disruptions. By adopting the AFL Senko connector, data centres can enhance data transmission speed, reliability, and maximize space utilization without sacrificing performance. Moreover, its future-proof capabilities prepare data centres for the advancements of tomorrow. Whether upgrading existing facilities or planning new ones, the AFL Senko connector stands as a powerful tool for data centres to elevate their operations and deliver superior connectivity experiences to their customers.

Published by Jacques Klopper

Senior Account Manager - TechAccess