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Energy Monitoring Systems & Data Center Compatibility

As the demands on data centers continue to grow, space is at a premium in existing facilities. In an attempt to maximize their computing per square foot and minimize their costs, many operators are installing power monitoring systems so they can confidently gauge available capacity, identify inefficiencies, and improve their power usage effectiveness (PUE).

However, the best operators ask themselves these three questions before adding anything new to their data centers: 

  • Will it easily fit where I need it to with the hardware I have in place? 
  • Can it be installed in an energized environment so I can minimize downtime?
  • Will it work with our existing technology? 

Packet Power grew to be an industry-leading global supplier of energy and environmental monitoring systems because we designed our solutions to answer “yes” to all three of these questions.

Here’s what smart data center operators look for in their monitoring solutions: Guide to Data Center Monitoring

Vendor-Agnostic Solutions

Whether GE, Schneider, Eaton, Vertiv, Liebert, or Starline manufactured your PDU, switchgear, panelboard, busbar, track busway, battery, generator or other components, the metering components you choose need to integrate seamlessly with all existing hardware. Further, with universal compatibility you can reposition monitors or flexibly expand your system easily as your needs evolve and budgets permit.

A common challenge many operators face with new hardware is that it is intrusive, doesn’t communicate with existing systems, and requires system shutdown for installation. Packet Power’s Monitoring Made to Measure approach uses your information on your existing infrastructure to customize each monitoring system for the correct voltage source, lead cable lengths, and number of CTs required from the start for an installation that is shockingly simple without the added turn time. 

Install in an Energized Environment

Downtime is costly and unacceptable in data centers. Retrofitting a monitoring solution needs to be fast and easy. Packet Power systems are designed to install in an energized environment, which means downtime is minimized. Packet Power monitors transmit data wirelessly, eliminating the need to run cables that are costly, messy and inhibit installing monitors in certain locations.  Operators experience a “Eureka!” moment when the sensors engage and data on power consumption is instantly available.

Avoid the Software Headache

The wireless technology at the heart of Packet Power devices can securely communicate via SNMP, Modbus TCP, BACnet IP, or MQTT. About half of our customers feed their data into our EMX software for monitoring, and the other half rely on other vendors’ systems. Getting the most out of a six-figure investment in BMS or DCIM software requires simple compatibility from anything feeding data into the system. As you’re considering monitoring options, make sure your devices will not need any API or other modifications to feed into your existing software and that they speak the language you’re using.

Getting the Data You Need

Utility-grade monitors are necessary to get the precise information on kilowatt-hours so PUE can be tracked and efforts to improve it can be assessed. Packet Power energy sensors also provide information on volts, amps, watts, frequency, power factor, and apparent power.

Once operators realize the power of having real-time data on power usage, they often want to add monitoring for corresponding environmental data on temperature and humidity so they can see how things like cold-air containment efforts are working. Similar to our energy sensors, Packet Power’s environmental monitoring systems are also designed to fit in any space, work with any hardware, be installed in an energized environment, and communicate wirelessly with existing data management systems.

If you’re interested in figuring out how quickly a new energy or environmental monitoring system can pay for itself and drive more effective management of your data center, please reach out to our team and we will be happy to connect you with one of our distributors in your area. 

Partner with Packet Power

Monitoring Made EasyTM and accessible is Packet Power’s mission. To further this effort, we partner with OEMs to install our hardware into their products in the energy and HVAC fields. If you’re interested in exploring a partnership with us, our engineers would be happy to help!