Renewable Energy Solutions

PV and Solar Systems for commercial, residential and agricultural sectors. Renewable technologies to reduce operating costs and increase your bottom line.
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Commercial Grid Tie Solar

Monetize your rooftop space by installing our central power conversion based photovoltaic system

Commercial Battery Solar

Solar Backup Power Systems to protect against unpredictable power outages and thus maximize production at all times

Residential Solar

We can ensure seamless switchover between battery backup and utility supply to make sure your home is never in the dark

Agricultural Solar

Solutions & Designs for the agricultural sector

Renewable Technologies

Scalable, Flexible & Highly Resilient Solutions That Are Customized To Clients Requirements

Permafrost NMR

Regain the lost efficiency in your HVAC systems and thus consume less kW/h thus saving you on your utility power bill

Fields of expertise

Solar & Renewable Energy Designs

We can assist with turn-key technical designs & drawings


We can assist with consulting services on behalf of clients or 3rd parties

Technical & Field Services

We can assist with on-site servicing & reporting


We can assist with on-site audits and compare with international standards & recommendations

Installation & Implementation

We do most installations ourselves with the right expertise sourced in-house

Project Management

We can project manage turn-key solutions from start to finish leaving you with complete peace of mind