The 3 BIG lies of asset lifecycle management

There are 3 big lies that are being painted in the asset management software industry……We are here to correct them

Complete Assets

The first lie is that after buying asset management software you will be able to see 100% of your assets at the touch of a button. In reality you will find up to 60% missing

Only by Silo

The second lie is that the best way to buy asset management software is to buy a "specialist" one. In reality all silos such as DCIM, CAFM, CMDB and more can be managed from one platform

Easy to Use

The third lie is that existing asset management solutions are easy to learn , operate and process. Meaning people can keep them up-to-date. In reality for asset management to be up-to-date and provide tangible , actionable information...the software and processes need to be automated, flexible and responsive

Don't let Data Center Infrastructure Management become a headache!

Assetspire DCIM Solutions

Capacity Planning

Know when your racks will reach capacity in terms of power, port capacity & more

Asset Lifecycle Management

Accurately track the life-cycle of all assets from anywhere and on any data center


Automate patching sheets by virtually tracing network and power cable connections


View your DC floor plans from a birds eye view and scale right down to front and back of rack views to view assets in real time


View critical power & cooling paths and connections with real-time data on a host of customizable dashboards

Integration & Analytics

Integrate with existing platforms such as Service Now to automate the transfer of data between databases


We have developed a unique method to audit thousands of assets within a very short amount of time


Create & automate numerous customizable reports for management and stakeholders

Asset Tagging & Validation

We have developed a mobile app to assist with quick validation of assets & provide a wide range of 2D & 3D tagging methods

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